How does INHIBITIF work? Inhibitif products target the hair follicle directly to slow down the apparent growth rate and visible density of unwanted hair. Unlike most treatments available that use one technology to target hair growth, INHIBITIF technology uses several proven active technologies at the highest ever concentrations combined in a penetration enhancing base made of natural Maixe Propanediol and Aloe.
How can I maximise my results? Consistency is the most important factor in achieving and maintaining results with INHIBITIF. The results of INHIBITIF will be more dramatic and will happen more quickly if it is used in conjunction with waxing, hair removal creams or epilating.
Does INHIBITIF remove my hair? No, INHIBITIF is not a depilatory. It reduces the apparent rate of hair growth over time so that you have to remove hair less often. It also minimises ingrown hairs and skin irritation.
How do I apply INHIBITIF? For the Body Serum & Mist please spray directly onto desired area and gently spread with your hand. For the Face Serum and Intimate serum please apply a small amount to your fingertips and apply to desired area. Please use the Body Hydrators and Deodorants as you usually would use a moisturiser/deodorant.
In what order do I apply my regular skin care products when using INHIBITIF? Always apply INHIBITIF first, either immediately after hair removal or before creams, self tans and sunscreen.
Do I have to shave everyday when using INHIBITIF? INHIBITIF does work better on areas where hair has been removed recently, but you do not need to shave everyday for it to be effective.
Who can use INHIBITIF? All skin types, hair colours and genders benefit from INHIBITIF.
Will INHIBIIF work to minimise dark, coarse body hair? Yes! INHIBITIF works on all hair and skin types and will make hair appear finer, reduce the need for hair removal and makes annoying stubble a thing of the past.
Can I use INHIBITIF if I have undergone laser hair removal? Yes! INHIBITIF works in conjunction with all hair removal techniques to lessen the re-growth of your hair. We would recommend waiting a couple of days post laser treatment before starting with INHIBITIF.
Who shouldn’t use INHIBITIF? Individuals with severe skin irritation or peeling skin should not use INHIBITIF. Pregnant women should seek the advice of a doctor before using INHIBITIF.
Has INHIBITIF been tested on animals? No. INHIBITIF has been tested on people.
Is INHIBITIF deodorant aluminium-free? Yes it is. 

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